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Motorcycle Tour FAQs


I always organize my own rides, why would I want to a guided tour?

We have have been guiding rides for over 20 years. We understand what it takes to plan an affordable, fun group experience. We have explored and enjoyed all of the areas that we tour so we are familiar with the landscape. We want to share that experience with you. We do all of the planning, secure the lodging and put things in place to make your experience a great one. All you have to do is focus on enjoying your vacation. No stress just go and enjoy the ride!  The most exciting aspect of these tours are sharing this journey with like minded enthusiasts.


I like to explore on my own when I tour, do I need to stay with the group?

You are always free to venture out and explore on your own. You will have the routes and the highlights of the day. You will have plenty of time in the evenings to catch up with the group. We limit our tours to a maximum of 8 motorcycles on our tours.

What does an average tour day look like?

After breakfast and a quick ride chat, kick stands are up and we are off. The route is pre-planned so all you have to do is settle in and enjoy the ride. No matter your riding style, you will enjoy the day. We will take breaks often, no more than 60 minutes between stops. We will enjoy the scenery and conversation, getting to know each other at each stop. We will have a planned lunch stop then ride off again for the rest of the afternoon. Most days are 200-250 miles. This allows for  a complete day without being overwhelming. 

All Motorcycles are welcome!

We pride ourselves on providing a great tour, no matter what type of machine you ride. We truly plan these tours for the motorcycle enthusiast. Let's Ride!

How much riding experience do I need to have? 

These tours are not designed for the new rider. (less than 1 year on the road) We would recommend a few thousand miles of experience, along with being confident in your riding skills as these Tours will look to follow the back roads, which usually equates to curvy sometime technical roads. Remember to Ride your own ride.
Follow the PACE principles. The main goal is to have fun and get everyone home safely. 

Off Road Adventure Tour FAQs


What does Adventure Lite mean? Sounds boring.

We came up with the idea of adventure lite a few years ago. I like to go and do technical trails and climb some rocks and test my skills on some trails, however with that being said, 80% of the time, we were taking back roads and camping while taking in as much scenery as possible. When speaking with folks, most voiced a concern about damaging their rigs. These adventure lite tours are focused on county, forest and fire roads. You will need 4WD from time to time and it is always nice having as much ground clearance as possible. We will enjoy many scenic routes, off the beaten path while doing our best not to damage our rigs. Examples of locations would be trips like the Rimrocker trail, the Alpine Loop, Last Dollar, even the White Rim Trail. These are all beautiful locations that should be explored. 


What is Base Camping? 

This is where we camp at a Campground, KOA or State Park that have amenities like bathroom and showers, for an extended time. Usually 4-7 days. We basecamp from the same location which allows for exploring during the day, without moving camp each day. This works really well in areas like Colorado, NM and Utah as there are many options for day exploration. This type of camping also appeals to couples and families with children. There are many times when dispersed camping and true overlanding are enjoyed. This is just another option for enjoying the great outdoors.  

The Back Road Discovery Routes look interesting. I thought they were only for motorcycles.

The BDR routes are designed for off road travel of the two and four wheel kind. These tours are nice as they allow you to explore the back country in some beautiful states. They also allow for camping or hotels, depending on what you would like. The BDR have become very popular and when you do the first one, you will know why! You can check out more about the BDR here

Arkansas Weekender FAQs


What is a Weekender?

These events are for the working folks. I know from experience that when we were raising our kids, it was hard to get away for an extended period or time. It was also not affordable to take longer trips. That is why we designed the Weekenders. We do all the planning, book the rooms and set up a weekend where all you need to do is get on the bike and ride. Weekenders will start on Friday morning. We will have breakfast, then a quick ride chat and then kick stands are up and we are out enjoying the best roads that Arkansas has to offer. And folks there are plenty of great roads here in the Ozarks. We will explore the area, stop and have a little lunch and then back in the saddle to finish the day. On Friday night, we will cook up some food and we will hang out and just enjoy everyone's company. All you have to do is ride and enjoy the evening. Saturday we will get up and do it all over again. We will all do a group dinner on Saturday night. Sunday morning we will get up, have some breakfast and then head back to reality. We have worked hard to keep the price down low and the groups small. So come join us. These events will fill up quickly so don't wait and secure your spot.

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