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Jamie and I will be enjoying another great year of riding in 2020, here is our ride schedule for the upcoming year.

April 17 – 19, 2020: Ozark Great Escape – Eureka Springs Arkansas

The riding season is kicked off with our own event. Jamie and I are hosting the Ozark Great Escape in Eureka Springs Arkansas. If you would like to sign up and join us click here. This is a just for fun FREE event and open to all riders and clubs. There are 15+ bikes signed up already. It will be a fantastic event.

June 5 – 14, 2020: Almost Heaven – West Virginia

This will be our long summer trip for the year. We will be heading out to the MSTA STAR event to spend a couple of days before heading out to West Virginia. Jamie and I have never spent anytime in this area and we are looking forward to experiencing the great riding that everyone talks about. We are also trying to get together with Mario and his wife from over at the 2 wheeled rider page. He is looking over our routes to ensure we hit all of the good roads. Jamie and I will also be visiting a couple of Civil War historical sites. We are hoping to visit Harper’s Ferry, Antietam and maybe even Gettysburg.

We will be figuring out routes and other places to visit, so if you all have any ideas, please shoot us an e-mail. We are really looking forward to this upcoming adventure.

July 9 – 12, 2020: Red River gorge – Mount sterling kentucky

Jamie will be attending a Pampered Chef event in Chicago this weekend and so I started to dig around for a motorcycle trip. So after a lot of research I decided that I would shoot over to the Red River Gorge Event. It is 673 miles each way, but hey what else would I be doing ? It is a great excuse to jump on the bike and meet up with some new friends.

This is the three events that are in the books so far. I am sure we will be doing a trip in September as well. More on that a few months down the road. We are asking for your help. If you ride in the areas that are listed above and know of some places we should not miss, then shoot us an e-mail. We would love to have more places to explore.

Have a great week everyone! Let’s Ride!

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