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2021 Jeep Gladiator Mojave – adventure lite build

I am a long-time Jeep owner, however, this is my first Gladiator. I am coming off a 2015 2Dr JK with a manual transmission and non-electric roll-down windows. We placed 127K miles on that Jeep and never had one issue. It was awesome! Now with that being said, our business needs to have a good off-road vehicle, that can tow a motorcycle trailer and haul our camping gear. The 2Dr JK did it but struggled at times with space. The Gladiator has taken care of that issue.

This post will be our build for a setup that will handle most of our Adventure lite needs. We do plenty of off-roading, just not a huge Big time Rock Crawler. We love trails like Imogene Pass, and Medano Pass, and places like Greenie peak in NM. We will not be taking on the Rubicon trail anytime soon. So stay tuned and don’t be afraid to give us your thoughts and feedback.

2021 Jeep Gladiator Mojave Edition 27, 313 miles when purchased. Stock Gladiator with no upgrades.

This was taken 10 minutes after leaving the lot.

This was taken the next day outside of our home. The colors were really starting to pop.

The first thing we added was the Rough Country Floor mats. We have used these in multiple vehicles, and they work very well for the price. On a side note, we are all about cost over the name. I know that sometimes you get what you pay for, however, I feel a lot of manufacturers add that additional “Overland” fee on some items.

Rough Country Floor Mats. – I paid $125 for the set.

Next, up my wife needed some “oh S%$& handles to help her get into the Mojave. She is only 5’2 so she needed a little extra help. We purchased these off Amazon.

Cartaoo Grab Rails in Mojave Orange– They are great for the grand price of $17

The next upgrade was negotiated at the dealership. They added a spray-in bed liner. It was installed by a third-party company in the town where I live. They did a fantastic job. Check out Tuff Coat tell them Jerry sent you.

Tuff Coat spray-in bed liner.

As many of you know the Radio Antenna on the Gladiator is BIG and silver. So I decided to get a little stubby one to replace it. (keep your bad jokes to yourself.. haha!)