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22nd Lake O the Pines Norton Rally

What a wonderful day for a ride. Dave, Pete, Rob and I met at 7AM at the local racetrac and then headed over to meet up with Herman , Paul and Old Paul. We got to the rendevous site at 8AM. Everyone was ready to go. Our destination for today was the 22nd Lake O the Pines – Norton Rally . Last year we had a great time. ( read about last year here ) Since Jamie is still on the mend, her and traci drove over in the Saab. Bringing a picnic lunch with them.

When we met in the morning it was still dark. The moon was as bright as I have ever seen. We knew it was going to be a great day.

Jamie and Traci showed up about an hour later. They had all of the food, so we were very happy to see them. Thanks again to both of those wonderful women for making our day a better one. You guys rock. They laid out the spread and we ate at the picnic table (known as the Saab). This was a great idea, as the cold cuts, chips, cookies and drinks hit the spot. Thanks for the picture below Herman.

After we ate we decided to walk around and check out the people. This rally has a nice collection of bikes and people. We really love coming to this rally. The weather was awesome and the roads were fun. What more could you ask for on a October Saturday morning? You can see all of the pictures from the rally here: LOP-06 Gallery


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