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29th Annual Texas Gathering – Hill Country Ride

I had never attended a Texas gathering so I decided that this year that would change. The Lone Star Riders have all said the event is one that can’t be missed. I was excited to attend the event and spend some time with my motorcycle brethren. Like always, I wanted to ride up in a smaller group so I sent out an e-mail. Rob and David replied and next thing I knew we were road trippin.. motorcycle style.  We packed up the bikes and set the destination for the QT on Eldorado and the Tollway in Frisco Texas. I am very familiar with this area as my store is right across the street. We decided to head out early on Friday October 7th. As luck would have it, the weather did not agree with our scheduled departure time. It was raining “Cats & Dogs” at the time that we were set to head out. I shot out a couple of texts and delayed our departure by a couple of hours. It really did not help much, but the good news was the sun was up so it was easier to see. David and Rob were already at the station. We drank a quick cup of coffee and then headed out. This is why rain gear was invented. Let’s Ride!

Our first stop was the Whistle Stop Cafe in Decatur Texas. It was a chilly and wet morning ride. Rob was very cold as he left his heated gear at home. I had mine, so my comfort level was very high. Breakfast was very good and it was a nice way to start our journey. 

We bundled up and headed down the road. We took the long way round and did not arrive to the camp ground until 4pm. We decided to camp at the Kerrville – Schreiner Park. It was actually very nice. The restrooms were very clean and the area was close to the meeting hotel. It was a great choice. It was also very affordable. The site was $44 for the 3 days. Much better than the $90 a night at the hotel. The weather was amazing and it was awesome for camping. 

We set up camp and then rode over to the Ice Cream social. We kicked some tires, ate some Blue Bell and enjoyed the evening with our moto friends. We headed back to get some rest. What we did not plan for was me, not knowing where in the hell the camp ground was at. We rode around looking for the entrance for over a half hour. We finally stopped and asked for directions. It was a half a mile down the road. Oh well, we had a nice laugh about that for the next few days.