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5 Reasons to attend STAR 2021!

Are you on the fence about attending the 2021 National Rally?

You can get more info for the rally here – Sign up today!

#1: Connecting with old friends

Rallies are a great way to reconnect with old friends. 2020 was a different year. Many Rallies were cancelled and those that were not, had a much lower turn out due to riders playing it safe and staying closer to home. This year hopefully we will see more rallies being held and more riders out hitting the road. There are a number of rallies that I have attended, where I would get to see friends, that I had not seen since the last event a year earlier. Due to distance, time and life this was the only time that our paths crossed. I am sure there are many of us who can’t wait to kick some tires with friends we have not gotten to see in months or even years. These rallies are a great meeting place to catch up and reconnect.

Photos taken from MSTA Website – Past STAR events – A BLAST from the past!

#2: The chance to make new friends

One of the great things that happen at these rallies is the forming of new friendships. There is so much opportunity to speak with new folks. When you are sitting in the lobby, chatting with new friends and planning the rides for the next day this is a fantastic chance to start building relationships that can go on for many years in the future. Remember the first rally you attended? Keep that in mind when you are walking around, having dinner or taking part in a ride. Take a chance and go introduce yourself to someone new. It could be a start to a lifelong friendship. To me this is one of the most exciting things about attending a rally

#3- The Great Riding