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A Day at the Races.

The Central Motorcycle Racing Association was having their first race of the season here in North Texas at the Oak Hill Track in Henderson. We had never been out there so we were all looking forward to it.

Jamie and I met Rob and Herman at the Racetrac by the house at 8AM. We then slabbed it over to Terrell to meet up with Jackie, Vern, Old Paul, Paul and Peggy. Let me tell you this. It was COLD! The weather was overcast and it was flat out chilly. Jamie made full use of the heated vest. It looked overcast and was getting colder by the mile. We knew it had to break as the weather forecast is never wrong!. hehehe. Remember to click on the pictures to see the full size version. See all of the pictures here: CMRA gallery

Here are some video taken from the day. This was shot on my hand held digital camera so quality is what it is.. Sorry.


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