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A Strange Day in Arkansas

We woke up to chilly temps, but the forecast was for a beautiful day. We headed over to Pancakes for a quick Breakfast before heading out to do a MO-AR ride.

We were also excited as Paul was coming up from his home outside Fayettville to join us on some fun roads. We have missed Paul since he left the Dallas area. We love riding with him.

We had a good sized group today. Jamie & I were on the Trophy, Jackie was on the BMW 1200RT, Paul was on his beautiful old school BMW RT, Richard & Jennifer were on the ZZR, Richard Swim had his K75s. We had two LT’s in the group. Larry & Lynda arrived late Friday night to join the adventure and David was along for the ride as well.

We headed out of Eureka Springs into MO, enjoying some of the fun, fast and roller coaster type roads. We were headed for Bull Shoals and a little trip across the lake on the ferry. It was going to be a great day. We stopped and took some pictures along the way.

Things were going pretty well, until we had a little mishap. The group was making a turn and the entire group almost missed it. Well the bad news was one bike did not make it. Larry & Lynda were cruising along, when the group turned, they got on the brakes, to make the turn, but the bad news was the gravel in the road. Their LT, hit the ground. This is never a good thing and today was not different. Lynda hurt here foot, so we needed to get emergency services involved. The final results was a broken bone on her foot and a trip to Harrison in the ambulance. They gave her some meds and put a boot on her foot and she was ready to go. Well not really, but she was a trooper. Larry took her back to the hotel. It could have been worse, but they were wearing all of the gear and that saved a bunch of skin and probably Larry’s ugly mug, (he can’t afford to get uglier… hehehe) as his helmet took a beating. ATGATT works!