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A visit to the Canyon and then off to Crested Butte

We enjoyed a nice and chilly evening in our REI half dome tent. The temps were in the low 40’s when we awoke on this glorious Monday morning. We were reminded how nice the fresh air smells on a cool mountain morning. We took our time getting up and going, enjoying not having to go to work and be on a schedule. We headed over to the Bean in Gunnison for some breakfast and a nice cup of coffee. 

While enjoying breakfast we spoke with the couple that were on the Ape hanging Harley from our ride in yesterday. They were a very nice couple just enjoying a few days off in the area. I have forgotten their names but I do remember that he was a bike mechanic at a place in Durango. I think it was Fun Center Cycles. We had a great conversation. Just another reason to love the Bean. Two different couples with two different lifestyles enjoying a nice cup of coffee and talking the universal language.. motorcycles. 

This morning we have planned to go and explore the south rim of the Black Canyon of Gunnison. We have rode the Northern rim a couple of times, but had ventured to the southern part. We wanted to do some light hiking and sight seeing while knocking out some pictures. We were not disappointed. the traffic was light, the weather awesome and the views were unbelievable. Here are a few pictures from our visit. We spent a good three hours walking around and just enjoying our free time in the Black Canyon.