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A visit to the Canyon and then off to Crested Butte

We enjoyed a nice and chilly evening in our REI half dome tent. The temps were in the low 40’s when we awoke on this glorious Monday morning. We were reminded how nice the fresh air smells on a cool mountain morning. We took our time getting up and going, enjoying not having to go to work and be on a schedule. We headed over to the Bean in Gunnison for some breakfast and a nice cup of coffee. 

While enjoying breakfast we spoke with the couple that were on the Ape hanging Harley from our ride in yesterday. They were a very nice couple just enjoying a few days off in the area. I have forgotten their names but I do remember that he was a bike mechanic at a place in Durango. I think it was Fun Center Cycles. We had a great conversation. Just another reason to love the Bean. Two different couples with two different lifestyles enjoying a nice cup of coffee and talking the universal language.. motorcycles. 

This morning we have planned to go and explore the south rim of the Black Canyon of Gunnison. We have rode the Northern rim a couple of times, but had ventured to the southern part. We wanted to do some light hiking and sight seeing while knocking out some pictures. We were not disappointed. the traffic was light, the weather awesome and the views were unbelievable. Here are a few pictures from our visit. We spent a good three hours walking around and just enjoying our free time in the Black Canyon. 

It was starting to get a little dark in the distance where we wanted to spend our afternoon. We headed back down into Gunnison. We were going to spend the rest of the day, playing tourist in Crested Butte Co. I had never visited this little gem of Colorado. We really were hoping to get up to altitude before the rains came. We road over the Blue Mesa Dam and back into Gunnison. It was so dark, but we decided to forge ahead. We were their to explore not worry about getting a little wet. 

As we rode into town it started to sprinkle on us a little. By the time we found a place to park, we were able to get the sensitive equipment off the bike and store our gear right before the skies opened up. It was a serious rain. It started to pour hard and then the hail came. We were very glad to have gotten up there when we did. 

We really enjoyed Crested Butte. the people were very friendly and the town has a nice charm about it. The store fronts were so pretty and the flowers all over town made the visual stimulation just amazing. This is a very eclectic place and the buildings and the locals own that fact. We enjoyed our afternoon there. It rain the entire time but we did not care. We might even stay up there the next time we see our selves back in that part of Colorado. 

Around 5pm there was a little break in the weather, so we thought it best to head back down to Gunnison. We got really wet, but enjoyed the ride off the hill just as well. We stopped at Mochas in Gunnison and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and warmed up a little. We always carry our cribbage board with us so it was a great chance to play a couple of games. 

We decided to eat dinner at the Gunnisack in town. They were having a 2 for 1 Burger special. The food was very good, but the service was the worst we had during our entire stay. I will not go into it, however you can read the review on their Facebook page. It did not ruin the evening. We got back into camp a little after dark. We showered and then just had some one on one time in our tent. We talked about the day and the beauty we had witnessed so far on our trip. It was a great way to spend the rest of the evening. I love riding with my wife and seeing new places together. these are memories we will sit around and talk about many years form now. Good stuff. We can’t wait to tackle tomorrow. Lets ride!

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