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AFCR – LoneStar BMW Riders, Good times!

Jamie and I had agreed to meet up with Herman and Rob at our usual starting place of Starbucks. Kick stands were up at 6:30AM and we were on our way to meet Jackie in Paris Texas at our breakfast destination of Nancy’s cafe. The ride was uneventful as we slabbed to Paris. The weather was fantastic and we met up with Jackie right around our arranged time of 8AM.

We did talk with Ben and warned him that the pace would be brisk and that he was in no way, obligated to try and keep up. We all knew he was on a new bike and just learning the little subtle things of the new BMW. He decided to jump in the back. It was probably a good choice. I think our style of riding took him by surprise. We are not straight line demons, but when it comes to leaning the bike over and having some fun, we are all for it. After a couple of trips up and down Push we stopped in Codys for some pie. Everyone was all smiles, including Ben. He had survived his first trip to push and seemed to be having fun. I sure know we were! Wow! Great stuff.

Saturday morning arrived and when we looked outside, we were greeted with cloudy skies and no rain!. So the day would be full of more good roads and fun times, or so we thought. I went out to load up the bike and noticed that my back tire was looking a tad thin. I went back inside and told Jamie that we would be taking it easy today, as we needed to make it home on that tire.