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Albuquerque Bound !

We woke up again to a cool morning and the birds singing. We packed up camp and was sitting in the Bean in less than an hour of getting up. Jamie and I have a great system for packing up camp. She gets all of the sleeping bags together and then we clear out the tent and pull her down and BAM we are done and ready for coffee. We make an excellent team. 

We headed to CO 149 going back through Lake City, before stopping in Creede for some coffee. On the way into Creede we came up on a motorcyclist riding a KTM fully loaded down on the side of the road. We slowed to see if he was OK. He gestured that he was so we started to ride off. He flagged us down before we could get to far away. We swung back around and chatted with him. Come to find out he was from Texas and belongs to the Two Wheeled Texans forum that we post on from time to time. In fact he knew of us and our Colorado journey. That is pretty darn cool. We wished him safe travel and headed into Creede. We had some coffee and did some last minute tourist stuff. We could both tell that neither one of us wanted to go back to reality.