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Arkansas – Oh how we love you!

It had been awhile since we had done the Arkansas thing. As many of you know, we love riding in that part of the country. the roads are amazing and the traffic light. The people are friendly and you can get there on the bike in 9 hours of riding bliss. There is nothing NOT to like about this destination. We got together with our friend Jackie and headed up to Mountain View on Monday morning. Herman would join us on Tuesday as he had a prior commitment in the metroplex. 

Mountain View is always one of our favorite destinations. The area surrounding it is motorcycle heaven. This time we stayed at a place called the Pinewood Cabins. This is a large complex with many different style of rooms. The Lone Star BMW club will be staying here this fall for the Fall Colors ride in late October, so this was a good time to scout out the rooms. The rooms were very nice and the complex is right on the square so you have many options for things like food and fun. Mountain View is know for its Folk music. people play music every evening in the square. It is a very cool atmosphere to relax and enjoy the evening after some great riding. Make sure you BYOB as it is a dry county.

We enjoyed the ride to Mountain View. We took our time and just enjoyed the day. We rode the Talimena scenic drive. I had not done the ridge in a while. It is always a nice little ride. We stopped for a break in Mena and then the fun began. The ride to Mountain View is a great mix of beautiful scenery, Luscious farmland and awesome twisty roads. Not a bad way to put 400+ miles on the bike for the day. Speaking of miles. The Connie turned 50,000 on this trip. Looking back the bike has hit all major miles stones outside of Texas. 10,000 was in New Mexico, 20,000 and 30,000 were done in Colorado, while 40,000 and 50,000 happened in Arkansas. We love our Connie. We had a nice dinner at a little Mexican place called Mi Pueblito IV. The food was good, nothing special but good. We finished the evening eating ice cream and listening to some local music. Jamie and I went back to the room and got in a game of cribbage before heading to bed. We were going to have a full day of riding ahead and wanted to be well rested.