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Back in the saddle again!

The accident happened 21 days ago. I had not been on a bike since then. Thanks to my brother, I am back on a bike again. He has his ST-1300 so his 650 V-Strom has been neglected, so he said I could borrow it for awhile. This morning Dave, Jackie , Harry and I went on a short little ride, winding up for lunch at Clarks in Tioga. The weather was great, even a little on the cool side this morning, but wonderful. I was so glad to get back on and ride some. I miss the Connie, but I have to say that all of the magazines are right, that V-strom is one great machine. I love the weight (lack thereof) and the way the thing handles. Just a fun motorcycle. I love it. (Thanks again Vern) You can see all of the pictures here: Photo Gallery