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Back to reality! Damn its hot!

The alarm went off at 6am. I thought after a late evening I would be dragging. This was not the case. I finished packing up the bike and was ready to roll. Before I hot the road Jamie and I wanted to attend the Sunday breakfast with the Land of Enchantment BMW riders. They meet every Sunday at a great little restaurant named Millys. This was another good chance to get some authentic NM cuisine before heading back top the home of no chili and Tex Mex. 

Jamie and I arrived and ordered breakfast since I wanted to get on the road no later than 7:30. Well this did not happen. The group showed up and made us feel so welcomed. We chatted about the trip and Albuquerque. Everyone was so friendly. 

Before I knew it, 8 o’clock was showing its ugly head. We said our good byes and I loaded up the bike and headed out of town. What a nice group of people. If I lived in Albuquerque I would feel very comfortable being a member of that club. Plus they throw a hell of a Rally. The Bavarian Mountain Weekend or Sipapu as we call it, is one of our favorite rallies. If you ever get the chance you should attend. It is really fun and the riding in that part of the country is awesome. You can read my ride reports from the rally in 2014, 2013, 2012

The ride home was long and it got very warm by mid afternoon. the bike recorded 100 degrees multiple time during the day. I logged 720 miles for the day and rolled into the house at 9PM. The Versys knocked out the 3072 miles without a hitch. It was a wonderful trip.