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Barber Museum – TWO campgrounds

We woke up early on Monday morning. It was already starting to get warm. You could feel the humidity in the air and we knew it was going to get hot later in the day. We decided to break camp before it got any warmer. This was a good plan.

We were packing up tents and getting things back on the bike when we heard Jackie in a louder than normal tone yell…… OUCH! He then looked down to see that his wonderful wife left in some sewing needles when she was doing some work on his pants. Jackie is a little vertically challenged so she had to hem up his pants. I guess she got side tracked and forgot the pins… all THREE of them. Hehehe The rest of the packing happened without anyone getting injured.

We ate a great breakfast, said goodbye to the great people at 29 Dreams and then headed down the road to the Barber Motorsports Museum. [] I love this place and have been a number of times but it still is a great time. Jackie had never been, so we knew he would enjoy the visit. We took a ton of pictures and here are a few of those. I will feeling a little artsy, so some of the pictures may seem strange. They had a track day going on as well.

We left barber and headed up to northern Georgia and TWO campground. We took back roads and just enjoyed the day. We did stop at Amicalola Falls State Park. I have always loved these falls and the break was nice as it was a little hot and the falls seemed to cool things down for awhile.

We shot over to a little town named Dahlonega GA. this is the all American town. We went thru on Memorial day and they had flags all over town with names of fallen veterans from the area. It was very touching. Jamie took a great picture of the courthouse while we rode by.

We arrived at TWO campground a little past 7PM. The little store on the corner was closed so we did not get to have much of a dinner. I was more worried about fuel, as I need to fill up. I figured I would get gas the following morning. We set up camp in a slow downfall of rain. It was actually nice as it cooled things down some.

Tomorrow we tackle the dragon