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Beautiful Bryce – What an amazing place!

Today was by far the favorite of the entire trip. The pictures and words I have to describe this day, will in no way do the day justice. It was so beautiful, so breath taking. It has to be a MUST for all to see.  We headed out of Torrey on our way to Bryce. We were going to eat breakfast at the Torrey Inn, however when we walked across to the restaurant, at 7am we were greeted by a bus of senior citizens touring from Virginia. There was a line to get in and it was standing Room only. We decided that there had to be a place to eat down the road and we were not disappointed. We stumbled onto the Capital Reef Inn and Cafe. The breakfast was wonderful and the atmosphere was so peaceful. 

Utah 12 out of Torrey is a fantastic motorcycle road. It has a number of tight curves, sweeping corners and magnificent views. It is one of the best motorcycle roads that I have traveled. It was a great day of riding.