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Big Money Rally 2020

I have taken the plunge and will be taking part in the BMR 2020. Stay tuned! Thanks Richard swim for getting me involved!

When Jamie and I were in Dallas we ran into long time friend Richard Swim. He does a lot of long distance riding, but he has also been doing these rallies that you do at your own pace. They have always intrigued me. He has a great blog and you can read about his BMR from last year. Go check it out! Well now I am involved. I am not into the Iron Butt thing, but I love the idea of riding someplace that I would probably never ride too. These rallies promote that sort of riding. Jamie and I are going to give it a shot.

I signed up at Big Money Rally 2020 and downloaded the Bonus list. it can be overwhelming at first, but a few phone calls to Richard and I was all squared away. It takes some planning and my goal for this year is to be a finisher. That requires that Jamie and I get 144 points. Not as easy as it might seem.

Above is a list of the themes for this years boni. (This is a term for bonus) The cool thing about this is the AP that you submit your entries with. You log into the AP, take your picture, it places all of the day, time and identifiers needed. You hit submit and BAM that is it! It get scored and posted on the event site. This is done in ‘Real Time” or very close. It is awesome! You can see if you have been awarded points and then you can move along. This way avoiding the dreaded “did not qualify” tag. The website is very cool and you all should check it out. Even if this is not your thing, there are a number of people that have put in some serious work.

We have done anything like this before, so I am sure we are doing some leg work that is not needed. I would love to have a GPS file with all of the waypoints for the themes, but I guess that is part of the planning for a ride. I have sat down and will map out a few rides that we will take on for an entire day or maybe even a weekend. The goal is to get as many points possible while being efficient with your miles ridden.

Stay tuned, as I will be reporting on these rides and how many points I was able to collect. Below you can see my first entry. The selfie and what my placard looks like. Until next time everyone, Ride safe!