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Blue Ridge Parkway – Another great day of Riding.

We woke up to sunny skies and a beautiful smokey mountain morning. Today we would ride almost 110 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway before heading back to camp. The plan was to ride in the morning and then jump in the jeep later in the afternoon. The weather has been so good in the mornings. 

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a slow beautiful ride. We stopped a number of times, checking out the views and enjoying the beauty of the smokey Mountains. It was a day of enjoying the ride. Never in too much of a hurry, just taking in the sights and sounds. It was a great morning to ride. 

The clouds rolled in the closer we got to camp. We pulled in and unloaded the bike, right before the rains came. We jumped in the jeep and headed out to do some exploring. Conasauga falls. We wanted to do the 1.5 mile hike once we got to the trail. The bad news is the rain started coming down harder making the trail / road a little messy and harder to get up. We decided to try another day.

We finished the day off eating at the Patio. The place has great outside seating and the food portions were very large. We enjoyed dinner and just relaxed on the patio. The temps were very comfortable. It made for a great night of sleeping in the tent. Another great day was in the book. It has been a great trip so far and its not over yet! Stay tuned. 

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