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BMW 1200 GT – I want one.

I have just returned from North Dallas BMW. They had a demo day this morning, so Rob and I decided we would go and ride a few of the bikes. I have always liked the BMW 1200 RT. As you all know I do a lot of two up riding and this seems like it would be the ultimate bike for Jamie and I.

My father always rode BMW’s so I have been around them all of my life. I know they are nice machines, I also know that they come with a hefty price tag.

I started first on a yellow K 1200R. All I can say is wow!! This bike was a blast. Talk about power, from the get go you understand that at anytime you decide to open the throttle, the front end will reach for the sky. I had to stop and look at the tank to make sure I was riding a BMW. This thing was awesome. The engine was smooth, fast and sounded great. When I got off after a short ride I was all smiles.

Rob had taken the 1200 RT and he was impressed as well. I knew that after he rode the K bike he would be even happier. I jumped on the 1200RT and the first thing I did was stall it out in the parking lot. doh!! I have never riden a boxer and I did not know you had to give it a little more gas than normal to take off. Once I got going I was very surprised at how responsive the handling seemed to be and how nimble it felt. I started thinking that if only it had the K motor. Then it hit me. The new BMW K1200GT was just that. It was the K bike motor in the RT frame.. sort of. I started to get really excited. I knew what bike I wanted. I want the BMW 1200GT. Now all I need is to get the $20,000 to pay for it.

The good news is Rob decided to get on the waiting list for the new GT. So when his comes in sometime late this summer, I might have to take it for a spin. I think I am in love.. not with Rob.. but with the idea of a BMW K1200GT.

K1200R + 1200RT = K1200GT AWESOME!