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Breakfast ride to Edom

Jamie and I got up early to meet Jackie, Herman and Rob for some pre ride coffee. We all met at the T/A truck stop in Rockwall. We were glad to see Jackie back on the bike. The gang was all here. We were headed to the Lonestar BMW ( ) Sunday breakfast. It is such a great ride in East Texas. The food is also really good at the Shed. (

We got to the Shed before the big group. We adder end breakfast and enjoyed each other’s company. We were all discussing that it has been 10 years that we all started riding together. We have had some great times. I could not think of a better group to hang out with. I’m proud to call them all friends.

There were some very cool bikes hanging out this Sunday morning. 

We waited for the group. Enjoyed our breakfast and just kicked some tires. It was a nice way to spend a Father’s Day. 

We are heading out for Arkansas tomorrow so this was a nice warm up. See you next time. Ride safe!

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