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Bull Shoals MSTA Rally

This year was the 25th anniversary of this wonderful event. It was my 3rd time to attend and I was not disappointed! It was a fantastic weekend.

Quick stop on 125 – one of the best roads in MO

I missed this event the past two years, so I thought I would try to attend this year. Luck would have it that Bob and David had room in their cabin for a third so it was set! I hit the road on Friday, taking my time and enjoying some of the fine twisty roads that Arkansas has to offer. I rolled into the Theodosia Marina – Resort right around 3PM. This was after a quick jaunt up and down on MO 125. Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Great day for a ride in Arkansas.

Nice little photo break in MO

Friday night hotdog cookout

On Saturday Bob B and David J joined me for a nice little run around the Missouri countryside before meeting the group at the Rockbridge Rainbow Trout and Game Ranch for a fantastic lunch.

The gang is all here

The food is awesome here! Service is always on the slow side of things, but well worth the wait.