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Bull Shoals Rally – A MSTA event.

Theodosia Mo is a wonderful little place in the middle of some of the best motorcycle roads in America.

Jamie and I had decided to attend the MSTA event in Theodosia Mo a few months back. I then decided to take some vacation to back up the event. Jamie could not join me as she was in school teaching. So I made the plan to load up the Jeep and get the bike loaded up on the trailer and head to the event. I would then leave directly from the rally and drive to Colorado to do more riding and get a little jeeping in as well. Let’s Ride.

We loaded up the jeep with all of the camping gear for an extended stay. I love our set up and it allows for us to get in some great riding while enjoying the finer things of camping. The perfect combination in our minds.

I took off for work on Wednesday with everything loaded. I was not 20 minutes down the road, before I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed a lot of sparks coming from the back of the trailer. I pulled over as quickly as possible, only to notice that the spare tire had broken loose and was being dragged under the trailer. I got the tire removed and it appeared that no other damage was done. I now had a passenger for the rest of the ride to the store. I worked most of the day and then decided to hit the road in mid afternoon. Jamie left home around the same time. We both arrived at the Theodosia Marina and Resort around the same time. We set up camp on the top of the hill, overlooking the lake. We made a quick dinner and then walked around the resort. We caught up with some old friends and made some new. I always love the vibe of a good motorcycle rally. We did call it a short night as we were both tired.

It was a hot and humid evening, so we did not sleep very well. Today was going to be a good riding day. We were heading down to AR9 then into Mountain View to meet up with Bob and David, who were riding in from Dallas via Hot Springs Village. The ride was a good one, as that stretch of tarmac is good twisty fun. We arrived at noon and they were just rolling in as well. We had a great lunch and then headed back to the marina. The route back included a great jaunt to Push Mountain, one of our favorite motorcycle roads. We stopped at the 341 Market after a quick burst up the hill. The day was overcast, however it never rained. We never had to put on our riding gear. it was a fantastic day of riding.

David and Bob joined us for a Frito chili pie dinner at the campsite before walking around and chatting with the riders from all over the Midwest and south. It looked like 75+ riders and bikes attended the event. I am not sure of the totals. Jamie and I headed back to camp and went to bed early. The temps were cooler and we both were tired from the lack of sleep the night before. It was a good day of riding with friends.

We awoke after a good nights sleep. We ate a quick camp breakfast and then met up with the gang to ride MO125. This stretch of road had to be designed by a sport touring rider. The curves are well marked, the pavement flawless and banked in ways that make riders smile. We ended up at the RockBridge Trout Farm for lunch. We arrived just before the big crowd arrived.

We finished the day riding around the countryside enjoying the riding and the scenery. We got back in time to have some dinner and then attend the evenings closing ceremony. Jamie and I stayed away from the dinner, but did attend the drawings. It was a good evening and it seemed that all had fun.

We met the gang for breakfast on Sunday, before everyone parted ways and headed back home. It was another successful rally and one we will attend again in the future. We really enjoyed our time with old and new friends. After we said our goodbyes we packed up camp. Jamie headed home and I was on the way to Colorado. (more to come of that soon) Until then

Ride Safe Everyone!

If you would like to see all of the pictures from the event – click here

We have also done a short little video from the event as well. Check that out and subscribe if you like the video.

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