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CAF Event – Lancaster Texas

Jamie and I decided that we wanted to do something different this past weekend. I was actually scheduled off and we did not want to waste the time off. We decided to meet Mark and Yeeha for breakfast with the BMWDFW gang. They have a regular Saturday breakfast every Saturday. We decided to do this as Yeeha was then going to take a group of bikes over to the Commemorative Air Force Event in Lancaster Texas. The webpage said there would be up to 40 WWII aircraft in attendance. It sure made for a good reason to go ride. We arrived at the breakfast just after 7am to kick some tires and meet up with some old and new friends. It was a good turn out. 

After breakfast a group of 6 bikes headed over to the airfield. On a quick side note, I am not the kind of guy who rides to work or likes to fight day to day traffic and today was a great reminder of that. I counted 3 times where I had to make an evasive move to avoid getting a up close and personal look at a couple of vehicles. At one point we were driving down the Freeway (I-30) when we passed a maintenance truck, at the moment we past him, a shovel came out of his trailer and the car behind him had to slam on his breaks to avoid some serious damage. Our group avoided the speeding shovel, but damn it was a close call. We did make it to the airfield unscathed. The cost of entry was $5 and they allowed for the bikes to be parked in the grass and not in the just plowed field with the rest of the cages. The temperature was already in the low 90’s when we arrived. Jamie and I were smart and took shorts and walking shoes since we wanted to spend some time checking out the aircraft. It was a great morning and a wonderful way to spend an off day. fun times indeed.