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Can’t wait for the Big Lynn Lodge – An MSTA Riding Event.

I am booked and set to attend my 1st Big Lynn Lodge Riding Event.

Well it is official! I will be attending this years Big Lynn Lodge event. I was contemplating if I would attend the Red River Gorge Rally like I did last year, or try a new event. I love riding in the NC area, so I thought I would give it a try. Patrick’s Red River Gorge Event is a great one, however my vacation time is limited so hard choices need to be made.

I will be leaving from Arkansas on Wednesday evening after work. I should arrive Thursday afternoon. I will get to ride and attend events on Friday & Saturday before loading up and heading home on Sunday. I am looking forward to this event. I have attended a number of MSTA events and I am sure that I will not be disappointed! If you would like to share a room, shoot me a note.

If you would like to attend the Big Lynn Rally, then click here to Register for the event.

Let’s Ride!

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