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Canyon Carving – Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Colorado Dreamin’ Tour – Great roads, high climbs and some over heating!

The gang all woke up and had a quick breakfast before heading out for a short days exploration. Today we had planned to do a longer ride, but some of the group preferred to make it an easier day. It all turned out for the best as we had a little event take place that altered some plans. No one got hurt so all was good, we just had to adjust.

We all headed out to Ride the Black Canyon. Rains were in the forcast and some of the skies were very dark. We had avoided bad weather so far. Would today be the day that mother nature caught up with us? Stay tuned.

The group spread out some on the ride up the canyon. As we reached the summit we decided to take a break and wait for the rest of the group. The view was spectacular and the air was crisp. Rain showers threatened from afar. It has been a fun spirited run up the mountain.