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Chillin in the Q – Wedding day!

Sitting on the back porch at my in laws house is always a highlight for me on these trips. Its so peaceful and the coffee tastes so good. Today was going to be an easy day for me. I was meeting some friends for breakfast, then I was going to take the rest of the morning visiting bike shops. I then thought I would come back to the house and wash my bike. It was so dirty from all of the rain in Colorado. Then I would take it easy before the wedding. Jamie on the other hand was going to have a busy day, she was trying to help her mom and aunt in getting the final wedding things together. That meant I would be solo today.  I met up with a long time HS friend and we had breakfast and caught back up. Richard and I have known each other since the late 70’s so it was good to catch up. After breakfast I headed over to the BMW dealership. Sandia BMW is a nice place. It is located right next to the car dealership, they sale BMW and Minis. The dealership was very friendly and I spent an hour there kicking tires with a guy buying the new s1000xr. 

I stopped at the Kawasaki dealer as well. R & S Kawasaki, KTM was not as impressive as BMW. The sales staff was not very up to date. The one sales guy asked if I was riding the new versys 1000. I said yes, he started asking me questions as he had not seen one. Thought it was strange that the sales person had not seen this bike. Really odd. 

I finished the day at PJ’s Motorcycles. They sell Ducati and Triumph. I like the dealership, but every time I am in there it seems like the staff is rather put off that they might have to speak with anyone other than the locals. Its a shame as I do like the dealership. 

I made it home and cleaned up the bike and got to relax before the wedding. It was a good off day in the 505. 

Here are a few shots from the wedding. I want to congratulate Keri & Kenny Chavez and wish them the best of luck on a long lasting and loving life together.