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Clarksville to home via the Talihena Parkway – Great way to end the trip.

Day 4 Clarksville to Queen Wilimena Lodge, Talihena Scenic Drive, then gets lost and rides home by myself. (352M)

We woke up to some humid weather. We knew we were not in the cool air of the springs any longer. The hotel was full, since there were a bunch of people from LA trying to escape the hurricane in their home state. This was really sad as we spoke with some people who were going thru this for the 3rd time in as many years. Not fun.

We decided to head out at 7AM and ride over to the Queen Wilimena Lodge for B-fast. It was 80-90 miles down the road but we would be closer to home after we finished eating our meal. The ride over there was pretty uneventful after the past couple of days of great rising. It was fun, just not really fun. Hehehe. We got up to the lodge and the weather was awesome. It was clear and beautiful.

I took off a few minutes before the gang as I wanted to get some action shots of the guys on the parkway. The pictures did not come out great, but I tried. I love that road up there. You can go fast and the elevation changes are awesome. The vistas are beautiful.

We took turns taking pictures of each other all the way down the mountain. Now I have done this route a number of times. I know that I have to get on 259 but somehow I missed the turn and next thing I know