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Colorado Dreaming! We also bought a SINK!

Day #2 – Colorado baby! Bring on the cool temps !

We had a great nights rest and were ready to head to Colorado. The temps were not bad on this day of riding as we were heading north the entire day. We went up on I-40 for a few miles before jumping off in San Jon and heading up thru Mosquero and Roy New Mexico. Both are small places but it was nice being in New Mexico. There are a few miles with some curves and a small canyon, so it breaks up some of the flatness.

We stopped in the large city of Roy NM for a Green Chili Cheeseburger and to take a break. We got to the cafe and it was not busy at all. We got to chat with the owner. She was stunned that we were riding by ourselves and that we were riding so far. It was a pleasant conversation and the burger tasted fantastic! The Pink van was kinda creepy. haha!

After our lunch stop we knew we were only a few hours from reaching Colorado. We jumped across to I-25. We slabbed up thru Raton Pass in NM. I love that canyon. A couple of days after we passed through there, they closed down the highway due to a large forest fire.

Started to see a bunch of bikes as we entered Colorado. Our C-14 recorded mile 20,000 as we entered Colorado. It was perfect timing. We stopped in Trinidad for an ice cream. We made sure to stop every 60-70 miles. It made for a nice ride and we did not get too exhausted. It worked out well for us. We were not on a schedule and it was awesome just riding and stopping and enjoying each others company. Good times.