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Colorado – Here we come!

Today was the day that Jamie and I had been waiting for. It is always nice to spend time with the family and we enjoy our weekend in Red River, but now it was our time. Just the two of us. It is a time for us to connect and to remind ourselves why we love each other so much. I look forward to this trip every year. Expectations were high and I knew we would not be disappointed.  The family loaded up and started down the hill to Albuquerque. We were headed the opposite direction. Our destination was Gunnison Colorado. We were going to spend a week camping and exploring one of our favorite states. Colorado!

We headed out NM 522 up into Colorado by way of Alamosa and South Fork. We got to CO 149 and this really starts the great riding portion of the trip. Great views, awesome smells and lower temps. 

It also take us to our first little town that we love to stop in. Creede Colorado. Its a little town, but always has a good energy. We stopped and had lunch at one of our favorite places. Kips Grill is always a great place to stop for a good burger and entertainment. Today they had a little band from Ruidoso NM. It was a wonderful place to take a break. 

We enjoyed our time in Creede but knew we needed to head out. the clouds were a little threatening and we needed to get to Gunnison in plenty of time to check in and set up our tent. We would stop back by Creede on our way home later in the week. 

We got into Gunnison without getting rained on. We had a funny experience while riding into town. We passed a guy and his lady on a Harley outside Lake City Co. He had ape-hangers on the bike and they were not wearing any gear. As we got to the fun sweepers on CO 50 I picked up the pace considerably. The guy and the lady did as well and that dude could ride! The Versys was in its element going 75-85 in those 45-55 mph sweeping corners. I would look back and our friend would be right there. He was dragging hard parts but we could not lose him. He sped by as we got to town. Much respect to this guy as he rode like the wind. 

We got into the camping area around 4:30pm. We have stayed at the tall Texan before and we were excited about this stay as well. The bathrooms are always clean and the camping areas are very nice. We planned to pitch our tent for the week. We would be gone a couple of nights, but for $100 a week we figured we could bite the bullet. 

A couple of guys on bikes checked in the same time as we did. They were off for the week to explore some dirt roads. One was riding a GS1200A and the other a KTM 1190. We only saw them that evening as they were on the road before we were the next day. We headed into town and split a nice prime rib dinner. We then headed back to camp to hang out and play a few games of Cribbage. That is our game of choice while we are out on the bike. We walked around camp and enjoyed the night air. Life was very good in Colorado that evening. 

We were in our tent, sleeping like babies by 10pm. Tomorrow would be another day of riding and adventures.

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