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Colorado Jeep Trip

I had a week of vacation I needed to use before October, so I thought that this would be a great time to go do some off roading with my new to me Jeep. I contacted Rob and the plans were put in place. We wanted to do some camping, while exploring some Colorado Jeep trails. I had invited some of my motorcycle friends that also own jeeps. Many liked the idea, but most already had plans or had just returned from doing some jeep activity. So it looked like Rob and I would be on our own. At the last minute Craig decided to join us. It would be a great move and you will see why later in this trip report.  The first thing I did was go and purchase the guide to Colorado Backroads & 4-wheel-drive Trails. It was a very useful tool and really helped me set up the routes in Basecamp. I loaded all 20 routes from the area that we were visiting.. That area would be the Ouray, Silverton, Telluride & Lake city area of SW Colorado. Some would say this is the best area in the country for Jeeps and the people that love them. I would have to agree.  We had planned on going during the weekend of Sept 2nd until we realized that it was the Labor day weekend. This place would be a zoo, so we decided to leave for Colorado on Sunday.  You can see all of the pictures from the trip here: Colorado Jeep Trip Sunday Sept 3rd, 2017 Plano to Raton NM – The long first day out of town. Rob and I met at Starbucks around 6am. We had a nice cup of coffee and then hot the road. I have to say that I was very excited for the upcoming journey. Looking at the pictures, this would be the last day the Jeeps would be clean. There would be many buys, dirt and grime to come. We stopped in Decatur Texas for a quick breakfast and then did not stop much, except to get gas.  

We arrived safe and sound in Raton around 6pm. We stayed at the Raton Pass Inn. This has become one of our favorite places to start our Colorado journeys. Both Rob and I were excited to get to Colorado and start our Jeep adventure. Today was just a necessary drive that had to be done, so we could get out of the metroplex. Tomorrow we would have mountains and beauty all around.  

Monday Sept 4th, 2017

Colorado – Here we come!

We woke up in the cool mountain air and it was a great way to start the day. We headed into Colorado via the Highway of Legends. If you have not been on this great stretch of road, please mark it down for your next visit. It is well worth getting off the beaten path for.