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Colorado Journey About to Begin.

I am so excited! Today while at work at the Big Orange Box (The home Depot) it was all I could do to keep my mind on the business at hand. Jamie and I are meeting STCPO and his wife tomorrow at 5AM, and we are headed out to beautiful Colorado, for some great roads and camping fun. We are going to camp in Gunnison Colorado. The weather will be very cool at night, but after the start of the Texas summer we are going to enjoy the coolness. We are packed up and ready to hit the road. The Bike is loaded and all fueled so all we need now is a good nights rest before hitting the road. I am always amazed at home much stuff can be packed on a bike. We will be gone for 7 days. Here is my check list for the trip. Tools and pumps are not included in this list.

Let’s Ride!