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Colorado Ride Report – The last days!

June 17-18th – The Last Days Evergreen Colorado – The HEAT of Texas (Not heart I meant HEAT) All good things must come to an end.

It was hard getting moving this morning. the brisk 40 degree morning felt wonderful and we knew later in the day that we would be back in the HEAT of Texas. We finished our last minute packing, said goodbye to our most gracious of hosts and headed out of town.

Remember that drive I told you about a few days ago? Well today I got to do it in the daylight and it was much easier to do when you could see where all the ruts were. The girls drove down with Pete so if we dumped the bikes only our ego would get hurt. They took some pics of us on the way down.

The ride out of the Denver area was not bad at all. We made it out of town pretty quick. The further south we got the hotter it got. We were already missing the cooler temps. We slabbed it most of the way as we had to get 600+ miles back to Amarillo for the evening. It was not a bad ride until that last hour into Amarillo. Pete said his bike registered a 103 for a temp.. uuugh where are those 40’s when you need them? haha! We took a few pics but not many on this long, hot day. You can see them below.