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Colorado Trip : July 12 – Driving to Albuquerque Miles 694

This trip had been in the works for a couple of months. We would load up the bikes on Tuesday evening the 11, so we were ready to leave on the 12 bright and early. Rob and I loaded the bikes up with no issue. This made us both smile as some of you know, we dropped his sprint loading it the last time. Well we got a new and bigger ramp and that made al lof the difference in the world. We got everything loaded but not before we noticed that the truck at a screw in the left rear tire. We looked things over and decided we could make it to Albuquerque, then get it changed while we were there. Robe went home after we had decided we would hit the road at 6AM. Jamie was going to fly in on the evening of the 12th after work.

Well Rob was right on time and so we headed off. We would be having lunch in Amarillo with Rob’s mom. We made it there by 12:30PM. We had a wonderful home made meal and we finished with some wonderful home made cobbler. In a word it was.. YUMMY! We left her house around 2:00PM, This is where we had another trailer mishap. I had to back out onto a busy street. I was backing out and I cut the truck to hard. I hear a loud POP! Under further investagation, we notice that the bumeper had hit the rail on the trailer bending it out of wack. The bad news was my Connie was in that rail and we hoped that we did not bend the front rim with my stupid deed. Well the Gods were with us. There was no damage. We did unload the Connie to check and things were fine. We loaded it back up and off we went. This was not going to be a damper on our journey. Now with that said maybe you all can give me some advice, do you think I could get a trailer shop to bend this back, or should I just get a new rail? We made it into Albuquerque by 7PM that evening. We were tired but we also knew the bad part of the trip was over. We unloaded the bikes and headed off to Jamie’s uncles house. He was out of town so we had the place to ourselves. We left the bikes at her mom and dads house as they were there to keep an eye on them. Check out the cool sunset. I love New Mexico!