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CSTN Eureka Springs – Sept 20-23, 2007

I don’t wanna read anything just: Send me to the pics. See Vern’s Gallery Here. See Jackie’s Gallery Here. See Dave’s Gallery Here.

CSTN Eureka Springs – Sept 20-23, 2007

I was sitting at my desk on Thursday morning, going over my mental checklist for the trip. I was working a half-day since I did not want to chew up more vacation time than needed. Jamie could not get off until noon as well, so it worked out great. My brother and his wife came and stayed at our house the previous evening. They live in Ft Worth and did not want to have to make to the trip across town in rush hour traffic. My brother had a heart transplant a few years back and he had a doctor’s appointment in Dallas on Thursday. So we all figured that we would hit he road around 1PM.


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