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Dallas Motorcycle Show

We were excited for this years show. All of the big manufacturers were present and there were a number of bikes that I wanted to check out. We met up with the gang from the LoneStar Riders and had breakfast at Poor Richards in Plano. Then it was on the train to the show. We were one of the first peopel into the show and right from the beginning you could tell it was going to be a good event. Lots of bikes to see, plenty of vendors. Not a bad way to start a Saturday.  I got to spend some time at the Kawasaki booth and it was cool that the guys working the booth were asking me about the bike Most have not gotten to ride it or see it before the show. I also learned that the bags and the hand guards are at the shop. Jamie and I are riding tomorrow so I will go on Monday and get the bags and guards installed.  I really liked the look of the new BMW’s. The 1200 RS looked great. The seat height was way to low, but I heard that they make a taller seat. 

I also liked the new Ninja H2/R. The bike looks amazing! It just looks fast.

One of the highlights of the day was getting to speak with one of my MOTO GP heros. Kevin Schwantz. I also got to take a picture with him. He was very nice and had no issue chatting for a few minutes. That dude was a stud back in the day, when GP guys had to be frickin maniacs! So cool to get to speak with him. 

We spent a couple of hours just walking around and drooling at the new hardware. I need more money and more time to ride. haha. If you want to see more pictures from the show click here.

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