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Day 1 – Headed to New Mexico

The day had finally come. I was headed to Albuquerque and starting a much needed 10 day vacation. The time off would include time spent with family in NM as well as a 5 day journey on the bike with my beautiful wife. I was ready to go.

I loaded the bike up on the evening prior to my departure as I had to work a half day and wanted to hit the road as soon as possible. Plus it gets hotter than hell in N Texas this time of year and did not want to start the trip off a sweaty mess.

Jamie had talked me into using the trailer to take the bike to NM. This was a very wise decision and one of the reasons I love her so much.. she is much smarter than I. It was 104 when I left the store headed for NM. Being in the AC was a good thing, plus going into work at 5am assured that I would be a tad tired before rolling into home. The trailer was the right choice.

I made great time and was sitting at Jamie’s mom and dads house by 9PM. It was an uneventful drive. I even saw some rain. I was glad to be back home and ready to start my vacation.