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Devil’s Den State Park – First camping trip of 2021

What a great weekend. Well except for losing the drone.

Jamie and I kicked off the 2021 camping season with a BANG! We headed down to Devil’s Den State Park and met up with our good friend Rob. We enjoyed a relaxing weekend with some camping, cooking and a little jeep exploring. It was a successful kick off to the camping season.

We did have a little set back as I crashed my Mavic Mini and lost her in the creek. I did get to see the footage as the phone keeps a cached copy of the footage. Things happen, so it just gives us a chance to upgrade to the Mini2.

Stay tuned to see those videos.

Don’t wait for the “right” vehicle, the “right” equipment just go do it! Go Explore, you can thank us later!

Devil’s Den State Park…

Softroading the West – Recommended the fridge and wow! It was a game changer!

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