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Ducktown, Tellico Plains and the Skyway again!

We got up on Saturday and headed down to breakfast. We were sitting around talking with a couple of the guys there and they were talking about this great road, that they were going to ride again today. They asked if we had rode it. I said no, they convinced me that we should do it and then loop around and do the skyway again. We thought about it and decided what the heck. The skyway was wonderful yesterday and if the roads going up there were as good as they said, why not? We are glad we decided to do that. We headed up 60 to Morgantown and then shot across GA 5, it then turned into 68. WOW !! what a nice road. Check out the sign for Ducktown. “it’s a quacking good town”

We stopped at Tellico Plains and fueled up before heading to the Skyway. My arm was throbbing so Jamie thought I need to get some medicine and bandage it up. Here is our make shift repair. it did not look pretty but it felt better than my jacket rubbing against it. You can tell it was just a tad humid out by the sweat on my arm.

The man with the child said we had to go check out Bald River Falls on the skyway. So we did. What a cool place. See for yourself.