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East Texas with the Lone Star Riders

Jamie and I got to spend another great weekend on the bike, as we attended the Lone Star Riders East Texas Event. We all met at the Tiger Mart Denny’s for a quick breakfast. We broke up into two small groups. We meandered our way through some eat Texas FM roads before stopping for lunch at the Dogwood Diner in Palestine Texas. The weather was over cast but we stayed dry and it was a great morning to ride. It was fun getting out on the bike and having some fun with old friends. 

We made it into Nacogdoches around 3pm. It left plenty of time for us to get settled in before dinner. We stayed at the Pine Creek Country Inn just like last year. The food is incredible and the hospitality is second to none. The rooms are clean and the property is very nice and secluded. 

This trip is all about the social aspect of riding. It is a great trip to relax and enjoy spending times with good friends. Saturday we did a short 150 mile loop ending with a great lunch at Clear Springs in Nacogdoches. The onion rings are amazing! Jamie and I took off from the group and did some afternoon exploring. It was a fantastic day!

Dinner was very good and the Country Inn had a music guest on this Saturday night. Jamie and I drank some wine, listened to some music and enjoyed a great night relaxing and enjoying East Texas.

We took off early Sunday morning. It was not looking good. Rain was in the forecast and we knew we would be getting wet before we arrived into the drive way. Mother nature did not disappoint. It rained like hell from Kaufman Texas all the way home. It was the scary type of rain and the type I would prefer not to ride in again, anytime in the near future. The weekend was fantastic and it was just what the doctored ordered. A nice getaway with good friends. Can’t wait to do it again next year. 

See all of the pictures here. Till next time – Let’s Ride!