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Enjoying the last day of the Ride!

Jamie and I got up and wanted to extend our trip. We took a little ride down to the Durango Diner and enjoyed a nice Green Chili breakfast. Durango was having a car show in the down town area so a lot of the roads were closed.  ( Durango Motor Expo )We got to park right behind the diner and we also enjoyed a walk among all of the cool cars before the show opened. A great way to start our day. 

We were riding with Yeeha this morning. Our riding styles are the same and we really enjoy our time with him. We had a fantastic morning ride. Jamie and I spoke using our Sena’s and just recapped our trip and reminding each other why we love riding so much. It was another experience that we will share for many years to come. We stopped and had lunch in Cuchara Colorado. We ate at the Dog Bar and Grill. It was a nice spot to relax and enjoy our lunch. I will say that if you are in a hurry this is not the place for you. The good news for us is that we are not in a hurry and the food was tasty. We will be back. 

Our day ended in Raton at the Raton Pass Inn where this wonderful trip started. Our hosts at the Inn were amazing and it was a good place to stay. We went to the Summerlin RV Park and loaded up the bike for our trip home. Jamie convinced me to trailer to Raton and it was the BEST decision we made. It was going to be really Hot going home and our back tire was cooked. It would not have made it. Thank you Jamie, you made another great suggestion and it was the correct one!