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Family, Friends, Hiking and enjoying the mountian air..Nice!

June 12, 2011 Day #3 – Hanging out with my son Alec! see all of the pictures here.

Jamie and I got a good night’s sleep. It was nice having that fresh air to wake up to. The temps were in the 40’s and our morning coffee tasted great in the mountain air. We were also excited as we were heading to Morrison Co to get Alec. Morrison is a little mountain town that is very quaint. We met Alec’s mom and her family for an early brunch. It was nice catching up.

We headed off for red Rocks after we ate. We wanted to get in some hiking this afternoon. Red rock is amazing.

There are some great trails up in Evergreen. We took advantage of this and enjoyed the afternoon on the trails. I know one thing.. my ass is getting to old and fat to do these things. That 9000+ air was thin. Haha!

Alec, Jamie and I enjoyed the day it was awesome. We finished up in Idaho Springs for some pizza at Beaujos. I love that place.

We finished the night up in Evergreen playing board games and enjoying our time with good friends and family. Not a bad way to spend a day.