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Farkles are always good!

Well the additions have arrived and the first changes are made. The first thing I did was to add a hitch and wiring kit to the JK so I could pull the motorcycle.. well duh! It was an easy install and everything went smoothly. No pictures. Hey its a hitch. haha. I then added a black matte grill cover. I love white vehicles, bit wanted to break up some of the white. I think it looks pretty good. It should also protect the grill from rock damage. Very easy to install. I got it from Extreme Terrain –

The last thing to top it off was a bikini top. You see what I did there haha. I got this from Spiderwebshade.com Easy to install and looks awesome and keeps the sun off my bald dome. 

Well that should do it for the add ons for a little while. I would like to eventually put all terrain tires on with black MT rims. But that will cost a few trinkets so I will wait a little while. Jamie and I will be taking her out tomorrow, exploring some country roads in North Texas.

And I cleared out the garage to make sure all of the toys fit. I can’t wait to load up the bike and do a Jeep / motorcycle tour. Let’s Ride and Jeep!