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Ferry Ride and great roads, not a bad day!

Day 2 Eureka Springs – Bull Shoals and Missouri roads. (233M)

Last night my phone rang as I was just about to turn in. It was Larry. I have never met him, but I posted on the Two Wheeled Only board that we would be in Eureka Springs and if anyone else was up there and wanted to join us or stop by and have a beer, they were welcome. Larry e-mailed me earlier in the week and said they would be staying at our hotel and that he and his wife Lynda would like to join us. Larry rides a BMW 1200LT so he would fit right in with the rest of the beemers in our group. He was calling to say that he would be in later that evening, as they had been caught in the rain.

I woke up Saturday morning ready to go explore some of the Northern Arkansas and Missouri roads. I noticed that Larry’s BMW was in the parking lot, so they must have made it in late last night. I gave them a call and told them we were headed over to Pancakes for breakfast. It is a nice small place right across the street from the INN. The B-fast buffet is good and the coffee is great so it works out well. We walked over and were joined later by Linda & Larry. We introduced ourselves and it all seemed right. Larry and his wife were going to fit in nicely.

The route took us thru the Northern Arkansas landscape, over to Bull Shoals where we would wait and take a ferry ride into Missouri. I had planned this ferry crossing a number of times I the past, but for many reasons had never pulled it off. Today we were going to do it and I was excited. If anyone wants to routes that we took, I will attach them to this ride report. We had a very nice ride in the morning. The Arkansas country side is beautiful and the temperature was very pleasant. It was made for riding. I am always amazed at how good the pavement is in Arkansas. The roads are like racetracks. It is very nice. We jump onto a couple of country roads, which were very narrow but beautiful. It is so cool riding out in the middle of nowhere. The rest of the world seems miles away. We reached the ferry and had to wait about 25 minutes for it to come and get us. I have to say it was very cool. Yes I know I am easily amused. Hehehe.