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Finally! Cooler Weather and Mountain Roads

We woke up to cooler temps, the forecast of no rain and mountain roads within our grasp. Life is good!

We did the hotel breakfast and then made our way to New Mexico. I am from this beautiful state and every time I come back I ask myself why I ever left this land of Enchantment.. then it hits me. Oh yeah I need to work and the kids need good schools.. so Texas we love you for now.

We stopped in Las Vegas NM for lunch.Leonard knew of this little hole in the wall of a place and his exact words were.. “this is the best Mexican food ever!” Having lived in NM for years and being a fine taster of green and red I am not easily impressed. DAMN this was great food and the service was AWESOME. If your ever in Las Vegas, NM do not miss Kocina De Raphael it was well worth the trip!

We had a hard time getting moving after this meal, but we fought our way through it. We got to the lodge at Sipapu around 3PM. The roads were awesome and the weather was tremendous. Last year we were rained out. This year the forecast looked much better. However we were not tempting the Gods as we decided not to camp, but to stay in a hotel in Taos. The restrooms at the rally are not the best and we did not regret the decision for one minute.

We did get our first glimpse of our new riding partner Antonio Banderas (leonard’s alter ego) in Las Vegas. he joined us during lunch and never left. He made a number of appearances. He has aged some, but damn he was funny.

I will let you decide if there is any sort of comparison. hehehe.

We did not hang out long as the crowd was just starting to show up. We all had a beer and decided to call it a day. We were in Sipapu, it was not raining and we already had our first beer..This was already looking like a pretty damn good weekend.