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First Ride of 2016 – Greenwood Store

The weather has been very warm for this time of year. Friday was looking to be a beautiful day. The forecast had temps reaching 65 by the middle of the day. they meant only one thing. Let’s Ride! I found out that Yeeha had a ride scheduled to go to the Greenwood store so I figured I would tag along.  Mark called me around 8:45 Friday morning saying he was going to play hooky from work and ride to the Greenwood store. I threw on my riding gear and headed out to greet Mark. We had a nice ride making our way through the North Texas country side. We go to the store around 10:45am. This was great timing as the rest of the guys (14 motorcycles) showed up at 11. Mark and I had already ordered so we beat the rush. 

We spent a nice hour visiting with the gang, while eating out great tasting burger. It was a nice outing. Everyone seemed to be happy and I have to say, that there was no reason to be otherwise. The weather was top notch, the food was awesome and the company was great! Not a bad way to spend a Friday. 

Mark and I said good bye and took the long way home. We headed back up to Indian Bridge before jumping down to Gainesville before heading home. It was a great day of riding and I am so glad that I was available to enjoy the day with my friend Mark and the rest of the moto guys. 

I value all of the days that we get to ride in these winter months. The winter has been very mild and I am so glad that we can enjoy some decent days on two wheels. If this is a peak into the 2016 riding season, I can’t wait! – See all of the pictures from the day here