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Free day in Wonderful Colorado.

Colorado Dreamin; Tour – A day of riding, relaxation and good friends.

We decided that today was going to be a free day so that everyone could catch their breath and get a chance to enjoy the area. The guys decided to ride and the girls were going to stay in town and enjoy the local shopping experience. We all met at Breakfast on Main to start our morning. The food was decent and we were ready to tackle the day.

Telluride was the destination for the ride, however road construction and traffic altered our plans. Believe me no one was upset. Today was the most spirited of riding pace for the trip. It was a great morning. We enjoyed the roads and thanks to Kris, we took our turn on his green beast. That Kawasaki H2 SE is a sweet machine that is faster than hell. Keep an eye out for the video of me riding the Beast! We enjoyed the riding and made it back by 3PM to spend some time with the girls and relax some.

Blondies Drive In & Cafe

We had a great afternoon, walking around the shops and enjoying the fresh cool mountain air. We actually got to knock out some laundry as well. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.