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Ft Davis & McDonald Observatory

Woke up Saturday and it was a little chilly outside. Camping would have been a little cold on this morning. We got up and I made the gang breakfast burritos. They came out pretty well. We fueled up and headed for the short ride to Ft Davis. Not a bad ride and some twisties to boot! I loved Ft Davis and if I would have been thinking we should have stayed there. A very nice little town. Riding into the Davis Mountains was nice. the views are great.

We road up to the Observatory. We went inside enjoyed some coffee and then looked around. You can see why they chose this place to star gaze. It was so beautiful and I am sure the night sky was as bright and brilliant as possible without all of the normal city distractions.

We headed over towards Kent and the went back into Ft Davis to have lunch. I wanted to do the tour of the fort, so this would be the plan in the afternoon. We were going to ride back up to McDonald, but a DAMN bike race was taking place and the roads were a mess. Glad we did that earlier in the day. We just wanted one more run of nice twisty roads. But it was all good. Lunch was fantastic and the tour was wonderful.

I was looking forward to seeing the fort and taking the tour. It was very cool to see that history. This was a highlight of the trip for me. I really enjoyed the afternoon. There are a bunch of pictures in my Gallery

After doing the Fort thing, we headed back down into Alpine to take a shower and get ready for the big STN Dinner later that evening. We arrived early to get a good parking spot. Our gang did the squid thing and made it down there in one piece. Diner was AWESOME!! We ate at the Edelweiss Restaurant. The food was great and the waitress was very nice and kept us happy. The gang all showed up and I counted 17 people. I am not even going to try and name everyone, I would not get close to getting them right. After dinner we went loaded up the bikes on the trailer and then headed over and chatted with the STN’ers until the manager of the Alpine Inn came over and told us to quiet down as it was sleepy time.. his words not mine! We had a great time and is was wonderful seeing everyone. We hope everyone made it home safe and sound.