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Gateway Getaway! We are on the way to Ouray!

Colorado Dreamin’ – Co 141, Gateway Resort ending in Ouray.

I know I have said it in every post, but today was one of my favorite days for the tour. Colorado 141 has always been a great ride. We found out about it years ago from our friend Tom Oliver. One of the best things he has ever done for us… I kid.. I kid.. haha

We stayed at the Alpine Inn in Gunnison and I have to say the motel was very nice, well priced and very clean. It is the third time we have stayed there and they never disappoint,.

We took off down Highway 50 towards Montrose. This is a great stretch of road with many highspeed sweepers and great views.

It gets a little boring as you wind your way through the valley. However once you get to the turn off for 141 it gets all better and you are reminded why you rode so far out of the way.