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Georgia here we come!

Day One: Dallas TX to Minden LA – 216.5 Miles

I woke up with a sense of anticapation. I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. I went into the office, but I could not really keep my mind on the issues at hand. I left the office at 2PM and met Rob at the house. We loaded up the bikes on the trailer and got all of the other thing sthat would be needed for the trip packed and thrown in the truck. Jamie got home at 4PM and we were in the middle of rush hour traffic by 5PM. We went top 635 to I-80 and then jumped on I-20. We wanted to get to Shreveport LA by the end of the night. We made it and even went a tad further. We stayed at the only hotel we could find. A smoking room at the Best Western in Minden LA. They only had one room so Rob had one bed while Jamie and I took the other. The hotel was next to a gas station with lots of activity. We locked the bikes on the trailer and tried to get some sleep. The room stunk of smoke so needless to say the sleeping was not the best.


Day Two: Minden LA to Stone Mountain GA- 583 Miles

We got up and checked out as soon as we could. The room was awful. We headed for the Cracker Barrel and then we were off. Jamie had never driven over the Mississippi River so we took a few pictures while driving over the bridge. We stopped for gas in Jackson MS at a Pilot station. The gas was only $2.49 a gallon. The place was packed but the price was to good to pass up.

I have to say that the roads in LA were very bad, West Monroe stunk! Really the stench in the air was awful. Mississippi had some great roads. We hit Birmingham and I thought that we would lose the bikes, as the road was a bad as I have ever seen. Memo to Alabama… spend some cash on roads please.We got to Stone Mountain around 6:30PM. We unloaded the bikes, unhooked the trailer and unpacked. We headed out to dinner with some friends and all was great! In less than 12 hours we would be on the bikes headed for some of the best roads known to man.