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Goodbye cool breezes.. hello HOT Texas

June 18, 2011 Last day of cool breezes, goodbye Colorado and NM ..Hello HOT Texas!

This was a sad morning. Our trip was on it’s last legs and today we would end the day with projected temps near triple digits. This to go along with our final destination of Amarillo. We were going to miss NM and Colorado.

We ate breakfast at the hotel with all of the gang. We tagged along with the gang as we headed out. Our first stop would be Chama NM. We knew it was going to be warm this afternoon, so last night Jamie made sure our cool vests were loaded up and ready to go. They really do work.

Jamie and I go to Red River each year for her family’s reunion and it has a special place in our hearts. We enjoyed a breakfast burrito and chatted about how nice it will be to return in July for the reunion. It is a blast up there and a nice way to get out of the brutal summer heat in Texas.